Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Deja Vu

We were sitting in the bar.......there's a surprise! It was coming near to the end of the night. Suddenly a very respectable man appraoached our table. He apologised and said
" My name is * I didn't quite catch it. I am from Iran. I am very sorry but I would like to ask the gentleman of the group a question."
We all looked at him with suspicion.
"I would like to know if your lady friend is married", and he nodded vaguely in my direction.
Marese puffed out her chest and said
"Who? Me?"
"No, I mean her," pointing to me.
Finian sat silent for a moment thinking
Okay Noeleen. Give me a sign here. What do you want me to say?
He could see by my strained expression what the correct reponse was.
"Yes she is married."
"Oh I am so sorry. I am not looking for fun. I just wanted to ask the man of the group first, out of respect.""
He went back to his table.
Finian was raging that he had missed out on another deal. At this rate he'll have a herd of livestock before he goes home!
The man then came back and explained again
"I am not looking for fun. I am divorced and here is a picture of my son."
He produced a picture on his phone and Finian amd Marese who were sitting on that side of the table made suitable oohing and ahing noises.
At no point did he address me at all.
"Now I feel I must leave" he said, and made for his motorbike that was parked on the side of the kerb beside us.
After a few minutes we realised that he wasn't going anywhere. He had lost his keys! The waiters went searching around his table, the ground, the grate beside the bike, but no joy! Eventually he had to phone a friend, who arrived on his bike and gave him a lift home.
As he sped off into the distance I thought
Ah bless him. It really wasn't his night. First I turn him down. Then he loses the key to his motorbike. In other words, he got a ride from neither of us!

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