Monday, July 4, 2011

Bad Teacher

The great thing is that now my friends are sending me their anecdotes. So that on a day like today, when absolutely nothing even remotely interesting happened to me, I still have something to blog about!
This story is courtesy of Tony, a fellow Abu Dhabian, who is now teaching in an inner city secondary school. It highlights the darker side of the Teacher/Gift saga.
Question: If you highlight the darker side of something, does it remain dark? Just asking.

Anyway, it was approaching Christmas time. There was a younger female member of staff who had no scruples about "fishing" for pressies. As she appears to have been a bit of a babe, her class of 15 year-olds were very eager to please. She dropped strong hints about running out of her favourite perfume. Samsara, I think it was. The boys all noted down the name and off they set.....

The next day one of them knocked at the staffroom door.
"Jaysus, Miss, that Samsara stuff is bleedin' dear"
"Ah, I know, John-Paul, its a bit too expensive for a present.....don't worry about it......."
His name says it all!
"Expensive? You can bleedin' say that again, Miss. The lads said I'd go down for about four years if I was caught robbin' that....."
He was deadly serious!

I've just had a flash of inspiration. If my blog ever gets turned into a movie I want Cameron Diaz to play me!! All she'll have to do is lose a few pounds and tone up a bit and she'll be perfect!
Stop laughing. I've been to the swimming pool three times this week.

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