Sunday, July 17, 2011

Back to the Future

Growing up in a little village in rural Ireland did not mean a lack of friends or company. Quite the opposite in fact! I had a large circle of friends and more than enough activities to keep us out of trouble. There was tennis on the courts behind the school,
swimming in the River Deel in the pre-pollution days
camogie a game very similiar to Harry Potter's Quiddich, only without the broomsticks and with more bruises
Irish Dancing in the good old days before Michael Flately brought sex into it!
This is a newspaper clipping from when we won the Leinster Set Dancing competition in 1981! Please note the "fabulous" rosettes we are wearing in our hair. I crocheted them with my own fair hands.
I was diseased with talent!

Back row: Rosemary, Helen, ME, Martina, Theresa
Front row: Jacqueline, Ann, Mairéad, Lucy

Over the years we have remained good friends. We have been there for each other through boyfriend trouble, engagements, marriages, births and deaths. This is not so say we haven't had our disagreements and falling outs. We may give out about each other but heaven help anyone else that dares do so!
Here we are again on a recent night out. Spot the differences.
ME!!! Ger, Theresa, Martina and Jacqueline
We haven't aged a bit in the 30 years!!!

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