Thursday, June 30, 2011

Troubled Waters

Our colleague, who is out on maternity leave arrived into the school yesterday. Her due date is July 5th....but she brought her week old daughter Roisín with her! In fact, Roisín was born on the day that her mom was due to start her maternity leave. Thankfully her doctor had ordered her to go out three weeks early so she was at home when it all kicked in! Imagine if she had been at school! We would have been boiling make cups of tea to calm our nerves!
Another friend of mine hadn't been so lucky. She was standing in front of her class teaching away, when.....whoosh! Her waters broke!
I remember being horrified when she told me her story and asking how the class reacted.
She replied,
"Oh I teach Junior Infants. That happens every day, so no-one passed the slightest bit of remarks!"