Friday, June 24, 2011

A Testing Time!

It's that time of year again.....end-of-year assessments, or the SUMMER TESTS as the kids call them. It's a time all teachers dread as
 (a) You have to write/correct the dam things!
(b) What did I actually teach this year?
(c) What did the kids actually learn?

Thankfully the majority of the little dears did very well, so I feel I earned my money! Of course there are always a few "gems" in the mix. 

1. Why is Daniel O  Connell known as "The Liberator"?
We had spent three weeks on good ol' Daniel (after first pointing out that he is not a singer from wee Donegal!). We went into great detail about how he fought hard to rid Ireland of the Penal Laws in the 1800's and how he got Catholic Emancipation for the 97% of the population that were Catholic.
Answer: He freed the Jewish people from Hitler.
Quess the kid mixed up the last two topics in history. Sob!

2. Name three people who signed the 1916 proclaimation on the steps of the G.P.O?
Ray Charles!
How would he see where he had to sign???

And in honour of the week that's in it....

3. Name the two Irish chieftains that fled from Ulster in 1607 during The Flight of the Earls?
John Mc Enroe.
You can't be serious!
The Smart-Alec who gave the last two answers is re-sitting it!