Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The stories children tell....

Yesterday saw me out in the garden mowing the lawn, cutting the hedge and pulling weeds. It was a race against time, or should I say, against the weather.
The summer heatwave lasted all of......oh, two days!
 I gulped down a refreshing glass of water, as I had nothing else in the fridge.
"I better get to Tescos to get the shopping. There's more food in the fridge in Harvey Norman's".
I looked down at my grass stained trousers and shoes and thought
"Ah feck it. I'm too tired to change. Sure no one will see me there"
and off I sped.
I negotiated the aisles in record time and was soon back on my couch. I had met no one I knew. Phew!
Today I was on yard duty and ventured into the Infant play area.
"Miss Noeleen. I saw you in the shop yesterday", beamed a little cherub face.
My heart did a back flip.
"Really. Where?"
"In Tescos. Mammy said you must have left the garden in a fierce hurry!"
Mental note to self: No matter how far away from your school you live,you are never safe, even at the weekend.

Any parents of small children out there,  can I just warn you

I was in my first job after leaving college, teaching First class. One morning one of my little boys came in, about twenty minutes late. I had to do the big, stern teacher thing.
"You're late. What kept you til now?"
"Please Miss", he gulped, "Mammy and Daddy were playing in bed and they wouldn't let us get up til they were finished........."
"Okay, fine", I interrupted. "Go to your place."
I continued on with the class and forgot all about it, until five minutes before lunchtime. There was a knock on the door and when I answered it, who was there but the aforementioned mother with her child's lunch.
"I'm so sorry. I didn't get to make the lunches this morning. You know how things get on top of you sometimes."
I stood gawking at her for a moment, then grabbed the bag out of her hand, mumbled something incoherent and shut the door in her face before I burst out laughing into it!
I spent the next few minutes with my head in a cupboard hiding the tears that were streaming down my face.
Oh brag, brag Missus!
So what story is your little six year old going to tell Teacher tomorrow????


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