Friday, June 3, 2011

Shouldn't be aloud!

My last blog about spelling mistakes seems to have opened a whole can of worms! It has divided the world into two distinct camps.
Teachers: "Oh I know exactly what you mean. I do the very same!
Everybody else: "Would you get a life! I'm never writing anything to you again!"
I can't help it. I find myself contemplating over the most bizarre situations. For example

Girls Aloud.

Now the minute I see their name in print my brain goes into overdrive.
A public park sign reads
No Dogs Allowed.
Therefore it should be
No Girls Allowed
or the opposite
Girls Allowed.
See, it's annoying.
This error was pointed out to Cheryl Cole recently and she didn't take it very well!
Cheryl, on hearing that the band's name has been misspellt all these years!

Text messaging is a nightmare for me!
I can't bring myself to write something like
C U 2nite?
Instead I will ponderously type out
I was wondering if there is any chance of us meeting up tonight?
By the time I'm finished it's usually too late.
One morning I got a note from a parent explaining why their child hadn't done their homework. It was written in text language on a bit of an envelope! Red rag to a bull.
I wrote underneath it in red pen, in my best up-down writing
Anyone who attended Master Brennan's class in Raharney school will know exactly what I mean!
Sorry. I can't read this. Can you try again?

I never got another note from that parent!