Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Promises, promises!

The catechist arrived in class today. God be with the days when such a visit would strike fear in all our hearts. The kids had to know the answers to numerous questions off by heart and recount all bible stories. Nowadays its very relaxed and it's more of a chat with the kids, with a few questions thrown in, just to make such us teachers are doing our job.
He was really nice to them. Of course the topic of conversation was the Sacraments. Firstly they discussed the ones they have already received. Next up was marriage! He said to W
"You know the way you will probably fancy a girl in a few years?"
W flashed a grin and said
"I will."
"And maybe she will fancy you back."
"She will."
"Oh, you're a very confident young man!"
"I am!"
Just to let you know, W is our Justin Bieber lookalike. His confidence is due to the fact that he is already beating the girls off! So there is no "maybe" about it!
Then it was onto Holy Orders.
He was telling them all about what is involved in becoming a priest. They were very interested in the fact that he had to make three promises. There was no problem with the first two. Then he said the immortal words.
"The third vow is one of celibacy. Does anyone know what celibacy is?"
My heart stopped and I glanced up quickly from the copies I was correcting at my desk.
He can't seriously be asking them that! He has no idea what he's letting himself in for.
Half of the class (the innocent half) were trying to figure out the answer. The other half were looking at him saying to themselves
Is this a trick question? He can't seriously be asking us that!
One of the former replied
"Does it mean that you promised to work really hard?"
"No, not exactly."
Quite the opposite. It means he promises to be redundant!
"Anyone else have any idea what it means?"
S had enough at this stage and put up his hand. My heart sank
Here goes. But you did ask for it!
"Father, it means that you have to keep yourself out of trouble."

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