Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of ......

A "For Sale" sign has gone up outside the Presbyterian Church in Mullingar. An increasing congregation has meant the need for a larger premises. It is a fabulous old building built c.1825 with a three-stage tower and wonderful round topped  windows. It is situated right in the centre of the town with acres of spaces around it. It has fantastic potential to be converted into a restaurant. Character, situation and ample parking space.......well, if you avoid the couple of graves dotted around the place!
My sister Geraldine and her two sons were discussing this very venture as they passed it the other day. Well actually Geraldine and Damien were discussing it, and Shane was walking his usual two paces ahead! The two had it bought, renovated and ready to open for business.
"We'll call it "The Church", suggested Geraldine.
"Nah. Too obvious," rejected Damien, "We need something with a bit more pzazz!"
Shane looked over his shoulder, raised a cynical eyebrow and said
"You could always call it......."The Holy Roast."
What a pun!
I have to buy the place just so I can call it that!
So I guess I better do the Lotto this weekend........and start praying really hard!