Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I predict a diet!

"And here is your free tape measure".
"What? I only came in for some hay fever tablets and a nail polish".
But I left the chemist with my complementary tape measure. It's part of a drive to get overweight/obese Irish people to get the finger out and whittle down their waists. It's a nicely coloured tape, with a large yellow portion, followed by an alarm-bell red section.
It's a bit like Weight Watching for Dummies. The instructions told me to wrap it not too tightly around my waist and if it went into the red section then.........time to close your mouth, and keep it closed.
The tape lay redundant in my bag for quiet a while. I rediscovered it the other day.
Okay. Time to bite the bullet.
I wonder how many calories in a bullet.
I wrapped it tightly around my waist, held my breath and took a glance.It was just bordering on yellow side.
Yippee! Time for a snack.
Then my bubble was burst.
Another look at the tape revealed that I had used the man's side......with quite a few extra inches on it.
Someone pass the lettuce leaves.
I thought you were supposed to leave the chemist feeling better than when you went in!