Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gone in 60 seconds.

The final wrap party for "Tom and Viv" was on Saturday night. I heard people commiserating with George, our director, and saying
"So sorry to hear that. Any word recently?"
I didn't know what had happened.
A new garage had just opened across the road from George's workplace. His jeep was due for a service, and admiring their bravery in taking on a new venture in these dire economic times, he decided to give them his business.
The day after they opened he had booked in for a service.
His jeep, not himself!
The place was really busy. There were several other customers milling around and a very loud man on his mobile shouting
"Do you want these four tyres or not?"
George, being the perfect gentleman that he is, could see that the receptionist was a bit harassed, so he mouthed
"I'm leaving the car for a service".
She smiled and beckoned for him to leave the keys down on the counter.
George walked across to his workplace and set about the day's tasks.
Thirty minutes later his phone rang.
The garage already. They can't be finished.
"Hello. Are you finished or is something drastically wrong with it?"
"Well eh rm", cough "It's just been stolen!"
It seems that the moment George left down his keys, Mr. Four-tyres Man, distracted the girl even further by asking for a form. When she turned back, he said into his phone
"So you don't want them now", apologised to the girl for wasting her time and left.
A few moments later the owner came into the office and said
"Why didn't George wait? I've just seen his jeep drive out. It wouldn't have taken too long to see to him".
"But he left his keys he......" GONE.

The guards were called in, as was George.  The guards were pretty sure they knew who it was. But as the CCTV cameras were due to be put in later that day, there was no evidence.
The previous week the same thing had happened in the BMW showroom in the area. They had CCTV footage. The guard took one look at it and said
"Just give me a minute"
took out his phone AND RANG THE GUY!
He was so well known to them, they had him on speed dial!!
"Listen here. We have you on CCTV stealing that BMW. You have 30 minutes to get it back here in one piece and they won't press charges."
Twenty minutes later he drove into the forecourt of the showroom, sauntered across to the office, dropped the keys on the counter in front of the opened-mouthed crew, smirked and walked out and into a waiting car.
And there was nothing they could do about it. They were just happy to get their month's takings back in one piece.
And they say crime doesn't arse!