Friday, June 10, 2011

Carlsberg don't do birthdays but if they did........

It was my niece's birthday during the week. Emma is the one that I brought on holidays to Turkey last year on the condition that when she got a job she would repay the favour to her auld aunt!
Keep that little piece of info in mind!
I was very good to her on hols. When she needed to do research or write up some of her thesis for her Master's Degree, I took myself off to the pool or to Foleys to allow her to work in peace.
I think that was very noble and self-sacrificing ! But that's me....always thinking of others!!!
With all the doom and gloom that is about regarding our economy you would sometimes think that it is impossible for anyone to get a job, never mind one that you are actually qualified for.

On her birthday Emma got the phone call. She had just landed her dream job! Copy-writer with TV3!!!
Now I have no idea what a copy-writer does, but I'm concentrating on the fact that it is in the glam world of TV.
I'm thinking Xposé here!
But it appears that I am not the only one who doesn't know what it is exactly. Emma has had to explain it to so many people over the past few days that she is in danger of turning into Chandler Bing!
So congratulations on the next step in life's journey Emma. It's nothing less than what you deserve so go Girl! I'm sooooooo envious.

And as for Turkey.......just sayin'!!!