Sunday, June 19, 2011

A.I.M high!

Friday saw me boarding the train for Killarney along with twenty two fellow Leixlip Musical and Variety Group'ers.
Hence forth to be known as L.M.V.G.ers.
The reason for this mass exodus? We were joining the other 800 odd musical society members from all over Ireland for the annual AIMS awards. They are the EXACT same as the Oscars (ahem), where amateur musicals are adjudicated and nominations are put forward for numerous categories. This year Leixlip's production of "Our House" had been nominated in three categories
Best Choreography
Best Stage Management....of which I was part of the team
And Best Overall Show.
Needless to say we were a tad excited.
We arrived at our hotel in one piece, having survived the Train Olympics.
No point explaining what went on, you had to be there!
I was so looking forward to a weekend away, where I could completely forget about anything to do with school.
So why am I dressed in a school uniform??

It makes perfect sense really! Friday night is Fancy Dress. So what else would we dress up in, only the costumes from "Our House" and go wandering around the pubs of Killarney. I'm raging I wasn't asked for I.D. not even once!

Saturday night was a much classier night (maybe, maybe not) where we scrubbed up fierce well!

Someone from another society commented on the fact that we were the best looking group there. Judge for yourself!

It was then onto the main business of the night, the Awards Ceremony.
We didn't win Best Choreography.......Boo!
We didn't win Best Overall Show......double boo!
But we DID win Best Stage Management.....Yipee!
Here are some of the backstage crew with our (!) trophy.

Celebrations lasted until, oh about a million o'clock. But we were up and ready to catch the train back on Sunday, looking as bright and beautiful as when we arrived. Well, maybe not!

I think I'll be recovered in time for next year!