Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Women who drop their knickers for Joe Dolan gach lá!

One of the symptoms of my PSTS Primary School Teacher Syndrome is an obsession with all things graphical! So I was beside myself with excitement recently when I discovered the STATS button on my blogsite.
How could I have overlooked this little gem for all these months?
There before me was all the history of activity on my blog in glorious trend graphs, block graphs and pie charts. And I could flick from daily to monthly to all time history.
Oh happy days!
According to the home page of my blog I had a total of about 500 hits.....and I was very happy with that. But according to my stats I have actually had a total of 10,000 hits.
The site was getting about 700 hits a month! But for this month of May, I am about to reach 2000 hits! I am ecstatic. Many thanks to all regular readers and readers who have stumbled across me by complete accident.

Another feature is a map of the world which shows where the audience comes from. So when I look at it I know
"That must be Michelle or Val in Australia"
"Debbie, Diana or Emer are looking in from USA"
"Keith is pretending to be at work in India"
and "Gerardine and Dave are still in Kuala Lumpar"
I am really stumped by some places.......Germany, Romania, Brazil, Chile, Jersey and Argentina to name but a few. I don't know anyone living there, so I guess they must have stumbled across "A Girl for all Seasons" by accident.

And that's where the most interesting feature comes in. The source of most of the audience comes from Facebook, but there is an increasing number coming from Google and Bing. It gives the phrases that people have keyed in and then been directed to my website.
By far the most common one is "The night Joe Dolan's car broke down".
I get about two hits from that daily.
Joe is as popular as ever.
Next is "Aimsir Láithreach".
I apologise to all teachers who have been searching for an emergency Irish grammar lesson plan....and gotten my little anecdote instead!
But the weirdest of all are the ones who have found their way to my blog by typing in the phrase
 "women who drop their knickers". I couldn't understand that one til I remembered this entry.
Out of curiosity I typed that phrase into Google, to see what company I was keeping.
Oh, Holy Mary, Mother of God!!!!
Whoever found my little innocent blog while trawling through that mire must have been very disappointed!!!.

So I came up with this devious plan to optimise my hits, by using these most popular phrases and therefore reach 2000 hits by the end of this day. Hence the title of this blog!!!!
Well, it caught your attention anyway!!!

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