Sunday, May 15, 2011

Milestones in a girl's life

I have been to countless First Holy Communions over the course of my teaching career. In fact I could probably recite the entire ceremony in my sleep.This Saturday morning saw me attending my umpteenth F.H.C. But this time was different. I was attending as a loving Godmother not as a stressed teacher. It was Sadhbh's big day.
Sadhbh is Genevieve's (oh, and Vincent's) daughter. Genevieve and I go back a long way.
So I passed up on a night on the town with the girls the previous night because I wanted to be in top form. I was there bright and early, snapping away with my little camera, standing up at the wrong places to get a good shot, blocking other peopes view and generally being the type of person that teachers hate to have at a religious ceremony!
Ah well, pay back time!

We gave Girls Aloud a run for their money.

I had been a bit wary about wearing white. Would it be appropriate?

Well, if Pippa Middleton can wear it to her sister's wedding, I can sure as hell wear it to Sadhbh's First Holy Communion!

At the end of the day there is no denying that Sadhbh is Daddy's girl!