Monday, May 9, 2011

Games I never thought I'd play.......

The past few weeks have seen me engage in a competitive game of Hide-and-Seek.........with a feckin' bird!
This game has been ongoing for three years. Ms.Blue Tit sits on Roxy's right wing mirror, admires and preens herself......and then promptly shits all down the side of the car.
Things have intensified since the arrival of summer-saving time. The brighter mornings mean that B.T. is up before me and has the dirty deed done before I surface. This is the sight that greets me every morning.

So Roxy and I embarked on a devious game of Hide-and -Seek in an effort to outfox the cursed bird.
We parked at the front of the house........

.........the right side of the house.........

........the left side of the house.

However it all backfired DRASTICALLY!

Didn't the damn bird discover that there is a second wing mirror on the other side, and now defecates on both sides of the car.
Which just goes to support the old proverb


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