Thursday, May 26, 2011

As happy as a pig in the proverbial!

My mother told me there'd be days like this.
I headed off to the Wellington Eye Clinic this morning for my check-up. My sister had driven me there on the three previous occasions, so I knew the way.
Yeah, right. Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I am dyslexic when it comes to directions.
All was going fine as I exited the M50 at exit 14, which was correct. I was delighted with myself. But not for long. As I approached the first roundabout I thought
Is this the one I go straight through, or the one I turn left?
Seconds to decide.....and of course I chose wrong. It was a one way system  so I got completely lost. I spent the next half hour driving around, trying to find somewhere familiar.
Having been in this situation so many times I always allow at least 30 minutes for getting lost!
I was beginning to panic/well up in tears, when I recognised the Beacon Hotel, next to the clinic.
Granted I was approaching it from the completely wrong direction, but who cared???
When I went into reception, the receptionist smiled and said
"Oh you're a little bit early. It didn't take you as long as you thought".
After an intensive examination, my surgeon announced that all is well with my eyes, I have gained three lines on the eye chart....and I don't need to get the second one done! That's what I had been afraid of, but all is well for the moment. OH HAPPY DAY!

On the way home I just HAD to pop into Liffey Valley. I ended up buying a few "essentials" for holidays! Then I was plagued with guilt on the way home as I need to be saving my money for the flight and spending money. When I opened the front door there before me lay an envelope with an official  harp on it! Never a good sign.
But I was wrong!
It was a tax rebate for 800 euro!!
The government giving me back money! WTF!

I turned on the computer and discovered that my cunning plan of yesterday actually worked. I have reached  a total of 2000 hits on my blog this month!
Whoo hoo!

Okay, so I helped it along a bit. But I can't believe that it worked!
Does this mean it doesn't actually matter what I write, as long as it has a catchy title???

I am sitting back on my couch, thinking
I am happy!
And how often can we say that?

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