Monday, April 11, 2011

Signs I'm old-fashioned #1

I was in the photocopier room this morning when one of my pupils rushed in, all in a quandry. He had forgotten his hurling gear.....and there was a match on today.
"Ring home for it", I said, pointing to the phone on the wall.
I carried on with my photocopying of Easter tests....Muhaaaaaaaa! Evil laugh.
I could hear him dialling the numbers.
"Miss, it doesn't work", he complained after a minute.
"It was working a moment ago," I said looking up.
I was stopped in my tracks. He hadn't lifted the receiver but just pushed the buttons.
"Don't you know how to use a phone", I asked in amazement. "Lift the receiver first!"
"What's a receiver?" he asked. "You don't do that with a mobile."
OMG. There are now children who have never used a landline.
Those two a**holes might be right! I am a granny-esque type person!

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