Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dutti Frutti

We finished the run of "Our House" last night...and on to "Tom and Viv" tonight. Dress rehearsal was taking place in The Mill theatre in Dundrum Shopping Centre. It's not a shopping haven I go to often as its on the southside while the northside ones are much more accessible for me!
I was a little early so I had a little wander around the centre. I had a  flashback to Abu Dhabi when I saw

It was one of the best shops there and even more appealing seeing as there was no branch of it in Ireland at the time. In fact they only opened their solitary Irish store in Dundrum a few years ago.
It had been my favourite store....until an incident turned me off it!
My friend also loved to shop there. She was a size 6.....max.
And that's a Europian size 6, not an American one.
She was betwixt and between two dresses and couldn't make a choice.
"I can't make up my mind. I'll go off and think about it and then decide."
The assistant could see a sale going out the door so she resorted to drastic measures.
"Madam better not wait too long. The big sizes sell out very quickly."
BIG??? She's a size 6 for God's sake. Where does that leave me? What on earth size do you have to be, to be classified as a small?

Excuse me, does this tampon make me look fat?