Monday, March 21, 2011

Valley of the Dolls

This weekend saw us traipsing all over the country again with "Tom and Viv". Donegal on Thursday, Galway on Friday and Cavan on Sunday. Overnight stays saw us in various types of accommodation. On Friday night Gwen and I stayed in a B&B in Glenamaddy, courtesy of a lovely lady, Mary. She was a typical Irish Mammy! As soon as we arrived we were treated to tea and curranty buns. It's a strange concept, the idea of allowing strangers into your house. Of course every visitor is going to have a little snoop around and make judgements.
That's my favourite part of "Come dine with me".
Mary loved her knick-knacks. Every wall was covered with photographs, all documenting important family events like graduations, weddings and christenings. Window sills were strewn with ornaments which told of far-flung holidays....if you count Ballybunion! Glass cabinets were bulging with china dinner sets and tea services.
I am sooooo not a clutter person. I have a grand total of four framed photos in my house and a minimum of nonfunctional items. It's not an interior design decision. Its just the less clutter, the less dust!

I needed a little lie down before the evening's performance so I headed to my room. I was taken aback by the sight of the shelves groaning under the weight of Teddy Bears.

They're cute. I'm just glad they're not dolls. All those eyes staring at me would freak me out.

The next morning we headed into the breakfast room. And there they were, peering down from the top of the dresser.........

I was so unnerved I could hardly eat my Full Irish.

I said "hardly". If the vacant glare of dolls did take away my appetite, I would have them all over my kitchen. Who needs Weight Watchers?

When I eventually returned home, I looked at my house with fresh eyes. If I ever considered taking in paying guests, what would they think? I scraped that idea pronto, as it would involve a major tidy-up.
How can my house get untidy when I am rarely in it?

As I looked around I got a surprise. I hadn't realised that I have amassed a collection of dolls over the years, but they are way scarier than Mary's!
Mine are all either headless........

.......or bodyless!

I'm sure a psychologist would have a field day with me!