Friday, March 11, 2011

Things that go bump in the night

I was in the middle of a fabulous dream at around four o'clock this morning.
I think it involved Danny from "The Script"and a vat of melted chocolate.
I was about to turn over for a second sleep/helping, when
I quickly regained consciousness.
"Wha? Where am I? What made that noise?"
You know that moment when you first wake up and you can't differentiate between what is real and what is a dream.
Was it the sound of Danny breaking a window trying to escape my advances or was it a thief trying to get in?
With my heart pounding out of my chest I turned on my bedside lamp.
Calm down Noeleen. The windows and doors are alarmed. If someone has actually tried to break in, it would be ringing by now.
I grabbed my mobile phone and got my brother's number. I didn't want to wake him if it was a false alarm but on the other was set ready to ring if I heard as much as a creak..
Nothing...well nothing I could hear over my heartbeat, anyway.
A few minutes went by.
"I can't sit like this til morning. I'll have to see what made that noise."
I got out of bed, put on my dressing gown and looked for something I could use as a weapon.
Dam, my Omani dagger is out on the table in the hallway. What else could I use?
Ah ha, the old reliable............ a can of deodrant.
I opened the bedroom door and peered out into the hall. Nothing.
Do you ever find yourself avoiding looking out the window when you are closing the curtains in the dark.....just in case you might see someone outside? I do.
It was a bit like that now. I went from room to room, slowly opening the doors and praying that I'd see no one there. All windows were fully intact. Whatever had made the noise didn't come from my house.
I wandered back to bed, happy that there was no one there.
It was only this morning that I realised
What the hell would I have done if I had encountered someone in the hallway?
"Impulsed" them into surrender?

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