Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Guilty, as charged.

There is concern in educational circles about the inability of our children to communicate.Granted they can text, e-mail and "facebook" at the speed of light, but many of them lack the ability to string a couple of sentences together to hold a conversation. Age of Communication, my eye! They are now actively encouraging increased conversation time in classes. I have no such problem in my class. My main concern is trying to shut them up sometimes! I plan to start a lesson with a five minute discussion on the topic......only to find ourselves going off on a tangent, and having a heated discussion on a sonewhat related topic half an hour later! As Confirmation time is fast approaching, we were talking about taking the pledge "to abstain from alcoholic drink until 18 years of age". It is such a sad reflection on our Irish culture that alcohol is so glamourised that the majority of our teenagers will drink well before that age, despite the Holy Spirit,pledges and laws! Anyway, off we went on our tangent again! The kids started talking about drink-driving campaigns that they had seen on TV. This is a very worthwhile topic, so we'll go with it. I think it is too late to wait until they are obnoxious teenagers who don't listen to any adults, before starting to talk about the stupidity of drinking and getting behind the wheel of a car. Much better to get the message across while they are still innocent kids who believe that Teacher is always right! Maybe, just maybe, in a few years time, one of them will be a) getting into a car to drive with a skinful of drink on them b) getting into a car with another gobshite who has been drinking ........and they will have a flashback to 30th March 2011, think "Wait a minute. Ms Noeleen said this was wrong"......and get a taxi home. I can only hope. This conversation caused M to share with us "Miss. I was stopped by the guards, on my horse yesterday evening!" Much hilarity ensued. "......and were ya breathalysed?" Guffaws of laughter. Then I was hit with the million dollar question. "Miss. Can you be arrested for drunk-riding?" A cold shiver ran down my spine. Oh God, I hope not! Admit it! How many of us have committed that crime at least once in our lives???

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