Monday, March 7, 2011

The Generation Game

Sunday morning and my alarm clock went off at the ungodly hour of 7 o'clock. I opened one bleary eye and thought
What is that beeping noise?
Then it came back to me. Today was Megan's christening, the first one in the family for seventeen years. And I was up the to speak!
We had performed "Tom and Viv" in Tyrone on Friday night and in Enniskillen on Saturday. There may have been a few drinks consumed on either night. But now it was time to get my ass* in gear and get home.
Thanks to Sylvia sat-nav, I was home in record time. I was even in the church before my sister Jacqueline who only had to come from Enfield! Tee hee
This photo sums up the reason why I passed up on the aftershow drinks on Saturday night and dragged myself out of my bed the next morning.........namely, family.
This is my favourite photo of the day. It shows the four generations of our clan.
Great Granny Maureen, mother Lauren holding daughter Megan and Granny Geraldine.