Sunday, March 13, 2011

An eye for the straight guy!

I have been on many different types of girlie weekends over the years, including Hen parties, spa weekends and helping-friend-get-over-relationship-breakup-weekends.
I met up with some friends that I haven't seen since Christmas.
I won't reveal their names in order to protect their identities!!
As the wine flowed over dinner, talk came around to our relationships.....or lack of, whatever the case may be! One of the girls revealed that she isn't happy with her boyfriend. He isn't making any effort and she feels she is coming second to his dog in the battle for his affection!
"So are you looking for someone else?" I asked, buoyed-up with wine-induced courage.
"I don't want to finish things just yet. Maybe he will change"
NO HE WON'T! Oops, did I say that out loud!
"But I might give a quick glance around and see what is out there!"
And so our weekend was christened
The One-Eye-Out weekend.
A LOT of fun, take it from me!

So I haven't revealed any names just in case aforementioned boyfriend is reading this. But then again, any of my friends' boyfriends/husbands who happen to read this are saying

"Am I about to get dumped? Quick Rover, get off my lap. I have to ring my girlfriend."

Lads, get your act together. Make more of an effort. As they say in all the best Lottery ads

It could be you!!!