Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Best Job in the World?

After putting up the set on Saturday I was talking to one of my fellow actors in the Green Room.
That sounds soo theatrical, Darhling!
Talk came around to our jobs.
A scary topic to introduce nowadays as so many people have lost theirs.
We are both still employed for the moment, I am happy to report. He works for Yahoo, which I would consider to be a very interesting job. He said that it can get quite boring looking at a computer screen all day. However when he started first, he was responsible for insuring that there was nothing too obscene being posted, so he had to look at porn sites all day to monitor their content!
And he got paid for that!!!
Like everything else in life, it could get boring after a while...or so he said.
When things got monotonous, he would open up The Irish Times online and have a sneaky read. Then whenever his boss appeared he would hastily shut down the Irish Times and say
"I was looking at porn, honest!
Not very many people can get away with that in their jobs!