Thursday, March 31, 2011

An Aimsir Láithreach

We were in the middle of a riveting (!) Irish lesson revising the past, present and future tenses of all the verbs. Told you it was riveting! We were doing the Aimsir Láithreach (present tense).
 See what I did there! I can't help teaching, even in the middle of a blog!
Anyway we were coming up with all the phrases that would tell us that we were in the present tense.
gach lá,
gach oíche,
gach seachtain,
 gach mí,
gach Satharn,
gach Domhnach ,
gach Luan.......
 "Basically, if you see "gach ANYTHING" use the aimsir láithreach."
 One bright spark piped up "Does that include Gok Wan???"
 Ah, Gok, my fashioniasta hero! I met him two years ago. He was doing a book signing in my nephew's bookshop in Dundrum. Several female members of the family decided to go up to see him.
Gok, that is, not Damien! Sorry.
 Outfits were planned with the military precision of the invasion of Dunkirk. Nothing was left to chance. In fact, if it was my wedding day I don't think I'd make as much of an effort for my husband-to-be! When we arrived at the shop queues of women were meandering around the bookshelves and out the front door. It was like Disneyland.
 "Why are all these women coming to see him? He's gay!" exclaimed Damien.
 "Exactly. That's why," I explained. " When he compliments you, you believe it because he knows what he's talking about....and he's not trying to hit on you!"
  We slowly snaked our way towards his table. Bless him, there was steam coming out of his biro, he was scribbling that hard! The larger than expected numbers meant that he was under pressure to catch his flight back to Britain. I approached with my/his book in my sweaty little hand. He took it, wrote furiously in it, and looked up to hand it to me. He then uttered the immortal words...
 "Oh, I LOVE your style." My heart sored in my bosom. I took a quick glance over my shoulder to check that he wasn't actually talking to the woman behind me. No, he was smiling at me.
"Really," I squealed,.
 "Darhling, I think you look A-MA-ZING!" My time was up so I was quickly ushered on by the staff. I didn't walk out of the shop......I FLOATED! I will bring that complement to my grave with me and I will die happy. In fact, whenever my hair has frizzled, zits have burst out on my nose or someone has brought me down with a derogatory comment, I repeat my mantra.
 Gok said I look amazing, Gok said I look amazing, Gok said I look amazing........................................and suddenly all is well in my world.