Saturday, February 26, 2011

What year is it?

I am currently working backstage on Bradán Players production of "Tom and Viv".
Oh, that sounds very lurvie!
Well technically speaking I have one foot in the crew camp and the other in the cast camp. Since we last did the play in November I have been given six lines.
Well "lines" is pushing it a bit!
In order to depict the passage of time, every so often, after turning a wall, moving a chair or pushing on a tea-trolley, I pronounce
1921....1927.....1933 etc. etc. etc.
It's coming between me and my night's sleep! Just before stepping on stage I have to consult my "script" to make sure I have the right year!
You would think I would be able to handle that much.
But thinking about it, I have to handle six dates in one night. That's more than I had all last year!!! No wonder I can't cope!

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