Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine's Tale

On account of the day that was in it we opened the day by reading a fable about love.
To cut a long story short(er)....
A frog was feeling very under the weather. He was feeling hot and cold, his heart was going thump-thump-thump and he couldn't sleep.
I got a bit worried at this stage as I thought it sounded remarkably like the menopause!
Thankfully after consulting with his friends he discovered he was in love. The only problem was.....he was in love with Duck. He was told this was impossible because he was green and she was white.
I could see a MUCH bigger problem than this, but we didn't go into that.
Frog set about wooing Duck by leaving paintings, flowers and presents at her door every morning. But he couldn't pluck up the corage to tell her how he felt. Eventually he decided that in order to impress her he would break the world record for the high jump. Novel idea.
However he lost his balance and fell from a great height, almost breaking his bloody neck. Feckin' eejit!
All was not lost as Duck nursed him back to health. She fell in love with him and they all lived happily ever after.

We had a very interesting discussion about the moral of the story.
The kids came up with the gem "Love has no boundaries." They said that it doesn't matter about race, shape, size (phew), age you are or the fact that you don't look like Justin Bieber (I'm quoting them here) we all deserve love!
M imparted this piece of knowledge to us.
"I was researching Michael Collins for my history project and his father was 67 and his mother was 23! I think that's gross."
I have to admit I felt a little grossed out myself, but couldn't express that. But then again Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Doughlas seem very happy!
Just as class was finishing I asked if anyone had learned another lesson from the story.
O put up his hand and said, in all seriousness.
"Yes Miss. I've learned that if you stalk a woman for long enough you just might get her."
The bell rang!