Sunday, February 27, 2011

Random Question #4

Yesterday heralded the promise of spring, so I headed off towards Raharney in a brisk walk on another "Get-fit" regime. On the way back I could see a young fella...
Early twenties is young to me now!
approaching me on the other side of the road.
I am back living in Raharney for six years now, so I have regained my "small village mentality"
Em, I don't recognise him. He doesn't live around here.
As we got nearer, I smiled and said "Hello. Lovely day".
Have also gotten back into the habit of greeting everyone I meet.
" Hi", he said, in a lilting Northern Irish accent (see, I knew he wasn't a local!)
"Is there a taxi rank in Raharney?"
Are you takin' the p***? This is Raharney you're in!
Then I realised that the poor chap was being perfectly serious. As he was walking towards the village he had obviously never been in it, or he would have realised just how absurd his question was! He must have been dropped here out of the sky in Doctor Who's police box.
So I gave him directions to the local shop where they would know the phone number of someone who had a hackney service.
He thanked me and went on his merry way.
Bless him. I hope he got a lift, because it's a hell of a long walk back to Belfast!
Belfast? That'll be a thousand euro......and a bale of hay for the horse!


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