Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Perfect Present

There have been several events in my life that have caused me to question whether my family or friends have any idea who I really am!
One such time was when my best friend set me up on a blind date. She gushed
"Noeleen, this guy will be perfect for you. You have so much in common!"
After a mind-numbing couple of hours I managed to make my escape, and thought
How on earth could you have thought we would get on. He is the complete opposite of me.
How many presents have you received that you wouldn't be seen dead in/using/wearing?
Snot green really isn't my colour. Haven't you noticed?
But then there are the times when someone sees something in a shop, immediately think of you, and despite the fact that it isn't Christmas or your birthday, has to buy it for you because it sums you up.
Yesterday my two sisters went shopping without me.......Cinderella! They saw this sitting on a shelf and both said, simultaneously
"That's soooooo Noeleen. We have to get it for her."
And it is perfect!

Fernando is now sitting proudly on my bed.
He is christened already. That would be my anthropomorphism coming out!!!!