Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Knickers Monica!

I have been pestered by friends to "spill the beans" ever since Keith posted a comment about another blog which referred to me with my knickers around my ankles!
Thanks a million Keith. Just remember, revenge is sweet!!!
Anyway, the real story is not as decadent as your mind here goes!

It happened while I was living in the Middle East. I had headed to the Abu Dhabi Health and Fitness Centre for a day of relaxation by the pool.
You don't actually think I went there to go to the gym, now did you?
In the dressing room I whipped off my shorts and knickers in one swoop and put on my swimsuit. Out to the pool area I went, where I spent the next few hours basking in the glorious sunshine, dipping into the outdoor jacuzzi and being served by the waiters.
Mental question to self: Why did I leave?
It came time to go home. I had my shower, put on fresh underwear, got dressed and left the complex.
While walking onto the footpath along the main road I felt a little uncomfortable.
My shorts feel like they're bunched up.
I had a quick check behind, but all seemed fine.
Another few steps and first pair of knickers fell out of the leg of my shorts and onto the footpath.
Now be honest. It has happened to you at least once. You take off your jeans and underwear in one go and the aforementioned undergarment is left there. Next day you forget....until it worms its way out.
The only problem was, I was in a Muslim country where they don't take kindly to women dropping their knickers in public!
When it hit the ground I had a moment of indecision. Do I just step over it and keep going regardless or do I stop and pick it up and risk being jailed?
A quick glance around told me that the approaching couple were a bit far away from me. So like greased lightning I bent down, picked up, rammed it into my bag in a nano-second! The beep from a passing car was the only indication that I had been spotted.
And that's the story.....not as rauncy as you thought it was!!!
But I do now always check!

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