Monday, January 3, 2011

What's another year?

I have thoroughly enjoyed this Christmas, but enough already! I can emphasise with Daisy's feelings in this photo. Someone asked if she was smiling or snarling.
If you ever met Daisy you would know that she doesn't do smiling!

I felt like baring my teeth at my Christmas tree this morning. Time for the decorations to come down. They went up a week early due to being snowbound with nothing else to do. So I figure they can come down a week early. I know it's supposed to be unlucky to take any decorations down before January 6th, but I figure that due to my marathon laundry session before New Year's Day I have so much good luck in storage that I can risk a little bit of bad!
Today I put them away. As Santa and Rudolf said goodbye before retreating to the attic for another year, I thought
Is it really a year since I took a similar photo? Where does the time go?