Friday, January 7, 2011

Top cat

I just love this picture of Tom.
Tom is my sister-in-law's cat. I don't actually have any pets of my own. They would die! I'd head off for a week, forget all about them and on my return I'd find their corpses stinking up my house! So I don't do pets. When I feel the need to bond with either children or animals I go to Marese's, get my fix......and go home!
Tom is legend. I remember when my friend Mohammed from Abu Dhabi (where else) visited Ireland and first encountered Tom.
A bit of background. In Abu Dhabi cats were not kept as pets, they were feral. As a result they were quite skinney. Tom weighs 1 stone last time he was weighed!
When Moh'd saw him, he exclaimed
"Sh'addah,that is a cow!"
My Dad (Tommy) used to say
"I can't believe that they have named a cat after me."
Now we are glad they did. A little bit of Dad is still with us.
When I see this photo I think of the programme "The Apprentice". I think Tom is about to point and say
"You're Fired."
Love it!.