Monday, January 31, 2011

The stork has landed.......

The next generation of our family tree has sprouted thanks to my niece Lauren and her husband Glenn.
The last few weeks were spent in trepidation waiting for Baby Ayres to arrive. In order to add to the excitement the family had taken bets on the sex and weight of the baby.
The parents hadn't wanted to know the sex beforehand.
Lauren was carefully scrutinised and the odds were in favour of a big bouncing boy.
Saturday morning the text went around, Lauren had gone into hospital early that morning. The next couple of hours were spent checking our phones every few minutes. I was working backstage at the panto in Leixlip and almost missed a few scene changes as I was so preoccupied.
Finally the phone call came through from my sister Geraldine.
"Yes?" I gasped after the first ring.
"Great news. She has had the baby. All doing well."
"What is it?"
"A little girl and..."
"What? But I guessed a boy......"
And so Baby Megan Ayres had arrived.

I remember being fascinated and horrified in equal measure by the story of Florence Nightengale when I was at school. I couldn't comprehend how it was actually dangerous to be sent to hospital in those times as you were more likely to go in fairly healthy, contract a disease there and die.
Thank God we live in the 21st century and due to modern medicine, nothing like that could possibly happen nowadays..........WRONG! Ah, God bless the HSE

Because of the threat of
a)bringing in Swine Flu
b)coming out with MRSA,
no visitors, apart from the Dad, are allowed into our hospitals.
And so we haven't seen Lauren or Megan yet...and won't for the next few days.
So much for advancement.

At least we have photos on mobile phones and Facebook to keep us updated until we can actually hold her.

Is this why we had Tamagatchies (those annoying Japanese virtual pets) to train us for situations like these???


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