Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Random Question #4

OMG! How sad am I? This is my collection of self-help/improve your life books. I've reinvented myself so many times I think I'm back to where I started!

This New Year sees me reading Paul McKenna's masterpiece "Change your life in 7 days."
Well, I am back to school on Monday, so I haven't time to delay!
Today I was to answer the question
What would you do if the world was going to end one week from today?
Eh, panic of course . What would any normal person do?
But I realised it required a more thoughtful answer than that.
So I thought.....and thought....and thought. But I couldn't come up with an answer.

Travel? I know of lots of places I would love to see in the world. But if I only have one week I don't want to waste any time hanging around airports. I'm sure loads of other people would have the same idea and so there would be travel chaos.

A big party and seisiún? Maybe, but then the resulting hangover the next day would be a dreadful waste of precious hours.

Meet up with friends I haven't seen in ages? We'd probably sit around crying about the fate about to befall us. Depressing. Anyway, we'll probably be together in hell for eternity next week and need to keep something to talk about.
I don't really want to go to Heaven as I won't know anybody there!!!!

A trip in a hot air balloon? Yep., that would be good. But after googling it, I've discovered that that is in everyone's bucket list. Nothing original there.
So I'm in a quandary. Any suggestions???