Friday, January 21, 2011

The most important lesson I will ever teach!

English lesson was a story about a princess who was being married off. She was actually quite a bitch and was turning her nose up at every prince that arrived on the scene. One of the words was eligible which we looked up in our dictionaries. We discovered
eligible: A man who is deemed suitable for marriage.
B thought for a moment and then said
"Miss, does that not mean that any man who is not married is eligible?"
"No, the word you are looking for there is available. Every unmarried man is available."
"Now girls. What I am going to say next is very important as it may save you years of misery and heartache. If you remember nothing else from today, remember this...
Just because a man is available does not mean he is eligible!
I wish someone had pointed this out to me when I was 12. The years/tears I would have saved!