Thursday, January 6, 2011

Look deeply into my eyes....

Last night I went to the Asylum. Before you have visions of me being carted away by the men in white coats I hasten to explain that I went to Keith Barry's show in Mullingar Arts Centre. I am fascinated by all things connected to the power of the mind, especially our subconscious. We only use about 20% of our brain (less, after a good night out!)
His show is based on research that he has done into the asylums of the 1800s. Its damn scary in parts. The first half concentrates on mind reading/subliminal messages/body language or however he does it! Absolutely AMAZING.
The second half was the entertainment one. When he asked for volunteers to be hypnotised I was up like a shot. I do meditation and was soooo curious to see what it would feel like. Of course there were far too many volunteers so we had to be whittled down like in the X-factor. I made it through the auditions, bootcamp and judges houses and ended up as one of the finalists! Yipee.
He put us through the relaxation technique. Being a fan of Paul McKenna I often listen to his mind-programming cd. It was practically the same which was a bit of a problem for me. I could hear both Keith's and Paul's voices in my head, competing for control of my mind. Became totally relaxed, lots of rapid-eye-movement but I was still aware of where I was.
I remember being told that we were in an orchestra and to begin playing an instrument when the music started. I was aware I was on stage in the Arts Centre...yet I found myself picking up my violin and searching around for my bow. I then began to play....and play....and play! I knew where I was but I didn't care. My arm got really tired and I wanted to stop but I couldn't. My arm refused to listen to my brain. Then I got scared. Eventually Keith tapped me to stop and I heard tumultuous applause. It was afterwards that my friends told me that there had been a competition between each " musician" and I had won! I have it on reliable source that I was brilliant.....despite the fact that I never picked up a violin before in my life!

I still wasn't convinced that I was totally hypnotised but I had no idea how I should be feeling. Next we were given a carrot and told it was a joint! Again I knew it was only a carrot but could I stop myself from smoking it....hell, no! Was really enjoying it when Keith told us he was a cop. Immediately we all tried to hide the evidence. I could still see it as a carrot but I had to get rid of it. I tried to hide it behind the back of the girl sitting beside me. What sort of bitch am I!
But I could feel myself coming around. Keith realised that and after a bow to the audience I could go back to my seat. And boy am I glad I did! The final act was when he shook your hand you had an instant orgasm....on Mullingar! Now he had warned us before we volunteered that this would happen but in the rush to volunteer we had kinda forgotten that part.
Best night out I had all year, even without the big O!
Keith was signing autographs in the foyer afterwards.

"Eh, would you mind shaking my hand now???"

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