Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'll arm-wrestle you for him!

Shock! Horror! I've just discovered that my niece Emma, and I share the exact same taste in men. This could be the cause of a lot of bitch-fighting in the near future.
Our ideal man is
(a) fact bordering on the illegal!
(b) clean shaven. Emma suffers dreadfully from beard rash, especially if it is from a millionaire farmer from the West.
(c) musical
and most importantly
(d) cardboard!

Lauren, Emma and I were at the cinema. Coming out, the conversation went something like this.
Me: Oh look. Justin Bieber. Quick, take a photo.
Lauren: OMG! But there are loads of people around. I'm mortified.
Emma: Oh I'll get in. Since hanging around with Noeleen my embarrassment threshold has gone way up!
I'll train them all in yet!!

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