Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

I can't believe that my year is up! I started this blog last Jan 1st as it was the first little "project" that I had to do for the book "A girl for all Seasons". I had nooooooo idea how it was going to go or even what I was going to blog about. It was impossible to do many of the tasks mentioned in the book due to geographical reasons.
I was supposed to attend Ascot but ended up at Kilbeggan Races instead....and had a mighty fine day there.
To be honest, the book kinda got left out halfway through the year, and I found myself blogging about my day-to-day escapades with a few memories thrown in for good measure.

Now the year has come to an end. But I had so much pleasure from writing this blog that I'm going to keep going!!!!
So now I'm heading out to Mullingar (Rubberbandits, take note!) in search of my first adventure/blog material of the new year.
Bring on 2011!