Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy eye!

Friday saw me in The Wellington Eye clinic for my "procedure"! The plan was that I would have it done two weeks ago and all would be healed up in time for major birthday and Christmas celebrations.
How do you make God laugh?
Tell him your plans!
Because of the Arctic conditions, I couldn't get to Dublin on the appointed date and the only other available date before the crimbo was the 17th....just before my birthday. But somethings have to be done as soon as possible and it went ahead.

I won't go into the gorey details. My doctor and the nurses were FABULOUS! But no amount of fabulousness can eradicate the feeling of someone scraping your eye with a hook while you are fully conscience. ENOUGH SAID.

I then got a list of all the things that I can't do.
Boxing 6 weeks
Bungee jumping 6 weeks
Parachute jumping 4 weeks
Scuaba diving 3 months
Ski-diving 2 weeks
Dam, so all the things I had planned for my birthday have to be scraped!
But even more worrying were things like
Driving after 1st post-up
Face make-up 1 week
Hairwash 2 days
Pub 2 days (who would want to go to the pub with no make-up and greasy hair )

Well there was no mention of sex on that list!

So I am here in my mum's house on my birthday, with a thumping headache and looking like I've done three rounds with Mike Tyson . I was feeling very sorry for myself...until I got lots of birthday wishes by phone and on facebook, So I feel very loved.......despite looking like crap!! Thanks to everyone.
Roll on the New Year celebrations!!