Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dancing on Ice- the Irish version

I am on day 2 of being snowed in. Roxy and I tried to make it to school yesterday. I knew it was a lost cause when we took three attempts to even get out the gate, as you can see from the tyre tracks.
We got as far as Raharney where we tried to negotiate the hill. We got so far and slid down again. Enough was enough. We cautiously turned around and skated off home again. Luckily the school was closed today so neither of us has moved.

So what to do when snowed in? My house is now gleaming from top to bottom. The only problem is there is no-one to see it in its pristine state. By the time another person can make it through the blizzard conditions to my humble abode it'll probably be back to its usual state of disarray. I've just gotten the text to say we have another snow day tomorrow. Nothing left to clean.....I even washed my make-up brushes today. I now know the significance of this saying