Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Back when it all began.....

People have been asking me when I began to write. I've always loved reading and writing. I remember that I used to do extra essays when I was in sixth class and get my teacher to correct them!
Being a teacher now, I realise that he probably said "What a nerd!"
Seeing as I have nothing to do these days only clean and tidy my house, I have made lots of interesting discoveries. I found this piece of writing that I did back in 1977 when I was thirteen. I used to write about things that happened to me during a normal day and then send them to the local paper where they were published.
Something is beginning to sound very familiar!
For my 40th birthday my nephew Damien went to the library archives to look up "my work". This is one of those pieces.
What has amazed me is that my style of writing has not changed one whit since then. It reads like something I could have written yesterday.


One night, or should I say early morning, I was awakened by the sound of my two elder sisters talking.
"What's wrong?" I asked.
"Sshh there's a mouse in the room," whispered Jacqueline.
"A MOUSE!" I screamed.
"Oh Jacqueline, get out and turn on the light",pleaded Geraldine.
"I'm not getting out in the dark,"said Jacqueline in disgust. "I might hit him in the dark."
Jacqueline then decided to throw her shoes in the direction from where the noise came, but the mouse still kept on scraping. Finally Jacqueline decided to get out and turn on the light. After stumbling over shoes she managed to reach the light switch. No mouse could be seen. Jacqueline raced back into bed. The noise stopped and we all stayed quiet.
"I'm thirsty. I'm going to the kitchen," said Jacqueline at last.
"Hey wait for me," said Geraldine.
"I'm going too," I said and we all jumped out of bed.
When we were all back in bed, the light off and me nearly asleep, the mouse started scratching again. Jacqueline lost her temper (I should know as she often does with me - and as she is four years older, guess who wins?)
Well as I was saying, she lost her temper, grabbed a shoe, walked over to the skirting board, banged on it as hard as she could until the noise stopped.
Methinks the mouse was stunned!
We at last managed to get some sleep.
P.S. it's lucky you received this at all as Geraldine, when she read it was going to tear it up. I suppose a woman twenty years old does have her pride to think about!!!
By Noeleen Lynam
Topic Newspaper
1st September 1977