Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What a difference a year makes....

Readers of my blog will be aware of Mullingar's favourite son, Joe Dolan.
Though, if Niall Horan of One Direction continues to do so well in The X-Factor, he may take over.
His statue (Joe's not Niall's) took pride of place in the Market Square. It was quite the tourist attraction, on a par with the Eiffel Tower in Paris! One just had to get one's photo taken on the podium with him.

Joe and I in July!

Therein lies the problem. So many people stood on the podium it started to subside. It wasn't just me that caused it. honest. As a result, barricades were put around it to prevent further photos being taken. When Gwen and Jenny came to visit in October they didn't let a little thing like a baricade stop them, especially at three in the morning when no one was around!

Soon after the statue was removed altogether. Now, I'm not saying there was any connection between these two events!
The podium remained empty .....until this week. Joe, in his signature white suit, mysteriously reappeared overnight, taking his rightful place on his podium.

In a week that brought us to the brink of economic ruin (and we damn well nearly brought the rest of the world with us) it's heartening to see that as a nation we haven't lost our sense of humour!