Monday, November 1, 2010

Time is relative.

Yesterday was a bit of a non starter. Last day of my mid-term break. Weather was dull and dreary. I just fluffed around the house all day, doing a bit of school work in preparation for the great return on Monday. Luckily I did remember to change the clocks.
Spring forward, Fall back I chanted, as I changed the time on the kitchen clock and on my phone.
I don't wear a watch when I am at home. This is a throwback to my schooldays in a convent boarding school. Life was governed by time and bells
a bell to get up
a bell to go to mass
a bell to eat breakfast
a bell to go to school
a bell for dinner
a bell for every change of class
a bell for afternoon tea
a bell for recreation
a bell for first study
a bell for tea
a bell for second study
a bell to say the rosary
a bell to shower
a bell to get ready for bed
a bell for lights out
a bell to get up.........
No wonder I have an adversity to a structured day. My guilty pleasure is to spend an entire day without looking at the time, just doing things when the mood takes me, not because a clock tells me I should.
I got up this morning thinking
"Gosh, its very bright. this time saving thing really works.
I was eating my breakfast thinking
"I wonder why its not the normal presenter on the radio. he must be sick."
I eventually got my watch to change the time.
"Why is it two hours behind? It's only 8 o'clock not nine."
It was only then that the penny dropped. I had put the hour back on my phone, but it had already done it itself. So I was an hour behind schedule!
Luckily, I had planned on being a half hour early for school to get things ready. Roxy did me proud and I ended up only being 10 minutes late.
Remember the euphoria in Primary School, when you thought teacher was absent for the day and you were going to have an easy day of it. Then she appeared and shattered your dream. You should have seen the little disappointed faces of my pupils when I opened the door to the classroom.
"Good morning, Miss," they groaned in unison!

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