Monday, November 22, 2010

Are you smarter than a 10 year old?

After the weekend that was in it I was happy to get back to school to get away from all the depressing talk of IMF and bailouts. We usually start on Monday morning discussing the weekend's news. Not this week! I worry about the affect that all this doom and gloom is having on the kids. They soak it all up and become very anxious about it all.
So we launched into all the reality TV gossip.
The X-Factor: Why is "Put the V back in" Wagner still there?
Strictly Come dancing: Who was that mad woman in the canary outfit?
I'm a celebrity get me out of here: Quick get the oxygen . Gillian McKeith has touched a leaf.
The All-Ireland talent Show: Eh, none of us watched it!
But of course we couldn't keep real reality out of the classroom.
A opened a new topic.
"Miss, France and Germany bought Ireland at the weekend."
"Not exactly. It's just that........"
I was lost for words. How do you explain to children that their future is going down the drain and that even if they work really hard and get all their spellings right, they might never get a job.
Luckily S came to my rescue and bailed me out ( pardon the pun)
"Miss, I know how it is. Even though its still our country, now we are renting it off them!
OMG! Its the best summing up of our economic/political disaster that I've heard.
It made me think
If we are a country of astute, articulate, far-seeing children.....
where the hell did all the adult gobshites come from?

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