Sunday, October 31, 2010

What goes around, comes around!

This year is a strange one for Halloween. It falls on a Sunday night, but seeing as everyone is back to work/school on Monday most of the (adult) celebrations happened on Saturday night. This year I went to a fancy dress party in a nearby village Killucan. It was a fund raiser for the North Westmeath Hospice. A brilliant night was had by all. You have to hand it to us Irish. We are in the throes of a depression, facing what is promised to be the harshest budget in decades and yet we still can party! Not only that, we are still aware that no matter how bad things are, there is always someone worse off than ourselves. So we dig deep into our dwindling pockets. Last night raised 4000 euro for the charity, humongous for a small community.

My impersonation of Cheryl Cole after being told that all her acts were being booted out of The X-Factor!

It came to closing time and of course everyone wanted a taxi at the same time. After unsuccessfully trying to order one, Marese decided it was payback time. In light of my previous blog, when I was commenting on parents acting as chauffeurs for their offspring, this seems very appropriate!

Marese rang her 22 year old daughter who was fast asleep in her cosy bed.

"Emma, we can't get a lift home. Can you come up and collect us please?"

"Wha..?" answered a groggy daughter. "Where are you?"

Five minutes later, a pyjama-clad Emma arrived outside the pub and delivered home her tipsy godmother and parents.

Ah ha, now I see. This is the reason people have kids!"