Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Random Question #2

"Five more minutes til Lunchtime", I consoled myself. We were nearing the end of Religion class, which can sometimes be a minefield. 12 year-olds can come up with some sticklers of questions. I know what my answer would be, but I am very aware that it may not tie in with the Catholic Church's teaching. And as I am employed by them I try to toe the line. I adopted the same policy regarding the teaching of Islam when I worked in a Muslim school.

Thought I had escaped unscathed, when M put up his hand.
"Miss, if Jesus hadn't been crucified, would he still be alive today?"
The answer seems obvious,
"Of course not. That would make him 2010 years old!"

But if you stop and think about it.....

If you go with the teaching of the church, then Jesus is the Son of God and if he could rise from the dead, then why couldn't he live for ever???

So I gave the standard answer.
"Excellent question M. We'll ask Fr. Michael that the next time he comes into the class."
Phew, that's me off the hook.
If he throws it back to me, as he has done on several occasions, I will quote "Father Ted".

Now that would be an ecumenical matter, Father!