Saturday, October 2, 2010

The night Joe Dolan's car broke down.

I got a call from my friend Theresa during the week to say that a couple of the Raharney girls were heading into the Mullingar Arts Centre at the weekend to see a play and did I want to go?
"Sure." I'll go to anything once there is the chance of a bit if craic. "What play is it?"
"The night Joe Dolan's car broke down."

If you have seen my blog from July you will know that Joe is Mullingar's claim to fame. We have a statue to him in the Market Square and we also have a bridge named after him. Now it seems that his memory is ensconced in the Arts!
I wasn't holding out much hope for a dramatic night but toddled along anyway.
Boy, was I wrong!

I haven't laughed so much since we skinned the cat (metaphorically speaking of course, not physically....before anyone contacts the ISPCA!)

It was set in a country pub in Cavan. We were only four rows from the front so felt we were there. I was going to order a vodka and diet coke! The characters were so well played, you could rename them as actual people from our local pub. One of the hardest thing to do is to act drunk. People invariably go over the top and overdo it. These actors had it down to a tee. One of the characters wobbled as he sat down on a stool, and Theresa and I put out our hands to catch him!

I have an aversion to stereotyping the Irish as a race of drunks......but after the performance of our esteemed Taoiseach recently, I really don't have a leg to stand on. As he didn't have either...allegedly. (Phew, that gets me out of a libel action, doesn't it??)

When "Joe" arrived on stage, the place went crazy! I've never been to a Joe Dolan concert (I swear) but it if was half as energetic as this performance, I'm really sorry I never went to one.

I love coming out of a play/concert/show and just buzzing. And this show had the ingredients to do this in bucketfuls.
I know the play may sound very regional but if you get a chance, go to see it. You won't be sorry.

Afterwards we went across the street into Caffrey's pub. As I sat and listened to the banter that was going on around us, I had to take a reality check and see if I was back on the set.

Does Art imitate life, or does life imitate Art?


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