Saturday, September 18, 2010

Do or diet!

One major disadvantage of Turkey is the abundance of food and drink.
How can that be a drawback, I hear you cry?
Well it is, when you step back on the weighing scales. How come it takes weeks, nay months, to lose the pounds, and they will slap back onto your hips and arse in a matter of minutes? One of life's great mysteries.
And so it was with heavy heart (and various other even heavier body parts) that I rejoined Weight-Watchers this week.
Let me hasten to add that I am not being sponsored by WW, but if they want to............
I really do love their programme. As I suffer from PSTS ( primary school teacher syndrome) I am only happy when I am filling out little graphs, ticking boxes, planning meals and juggling with points. So I am in my element with WW. I only ever cook and bake when I am following their programme. Then I see other recipies that have full fat everything in them and I promise myself
"I'll cook that when I'm off the programme".
But when I fall off the wagon I never cook and only stuff my face with take-aways and stodge.
So why don't you stick to it if its so good, I hear you cry?
If I knew the answer to that I'd set up my own weight-loss club and make millions.

This morning, as I had time to spare, I took out all my old WW paraphernalia. I was stunned to see the array of material I had.
1. The 1-2-3 success programme
2. The Time to Eat programme
3. Switch Programme
and now
4. Discovery Programme
It is all beautifully packaged and very alluring. I have a rainbow coloured folder for one, a pink carrier bag for another and a "I-mean-business" filofax for another. I have weightloss graphs, goals, silver sevens and even a series of photos of myself that I took every week in '97 to document my weight loss. When I looked at them I thought
Jayus, look at the state of my hair. Who let me go out like that? Had I no friends?
Anyway, here I go again.
As I stepped on the scales last week I said to Jenny, my leader
"This is definitely the last time I rejoin Weightwatchers!"
"That's brilliant, Noeleen, to be so determined to reach your goal this time."
Eh, I just meant that if it doesn't work this time, I'm not going to bother anymore!!!
But I'm not defeatist!