Sunday, August 8, 2010

Scrap that idea!

Theresa, my sister Geraldine and myself.

Off we went to Kilbeggen Races. I was excited about trying out my new betting system, namely backing a horse that had any connection with my love life, be it past, present or future.
Armed with a racing card, I set about chosing my horses.
5.30: Let's go for Soldier Bay. My first heartbreak was over a soldier about 20 years ago. I think he's now married with two grown up kids. Horse should be given his marching orders.
6.00: Ah, Gentle Noel. Not an ex boyfriend but rather a reflection on myself..... Noel(een).
I know thats pushing it a bit, but they're my rules, so I can bend them!
Nope, that didn't work either despite the fact that it was the favourite.
6.30: Lucky at Last. Now that looked like a future prediction. Alas, I should have paid more attention to the word "Last" in the title!
7.00: Banna Man. The horse that started this selection process off. I was very confident about this one, but once again I was let down.
To any of my friends who backed this horse simply because they had read my previous blog, I humbly apologise. But why are you taking my stalker? Get your own!
7.30: My first teenage crush was a guy called Robert. I was mad about him but he was the parish romeo! He never looked the side I was. It was only a couple of years ago that we met at a function and were reliving our teenage years. Robert told me that he had fancied me and wanted to ask me out. However he figured that I was different to his other girlfriends...and actually asked my mother for permission to ask me on a date! My mother told him in no uncertain terms to stay away from me (she obviously had heard of his reputation) and so it never came to pass. It would be A Notebook moment if we then discovered that we still held a candle for each other, rekindled our love, got married and lived happily ever after. Get a grip, this is real life! I looked at him and thought
What did I ever see in him?
as I'm sure he said the same about me. I can hear Garth Brooks singing "Unanswered Prayers" in my ear!

Anyway, back to the 7.30 race in Kilbeggen. I was in a dilema. There were two possible horses
Ballinoe Bob and What's up Bob? Needn't have pondered so long. neither won!

By this stage I was despondant as my system wasn't working. My sister Jacqueline had 4 firsts.....and she has a husband!!! Life is so unfair.

I was heading towards the bookies when who should I meet, but a genuine, living ex-boyfriend! We had dated for a few months several years ago.
It didn't work out (roughly translated - he dumped me!).
A while later I went to the Middle East. The two events were unrelated, It wasn't that I was heartbroken and needed to get away. It was just that a friend of mine was going and as I had no ties here, I decided to go as well!
Anyway we got talking, the usual questions
"Are you still..........?
"Have you changed the ..............?
"Do you still go to.................?

Of course the main question would be the "Did you get married?" one. Neither of us was wearing a wedding ring, but then again, women always wear theirs, men don't always. I was the braver one to ask it!
"Well, are you married?"
"Yes. Got married about three years ago. And you?"
"No." Short and sweet.
"I can't believe that a lovely girl like you hasn't gotten married!"
Listen here Sunshine. You didn't want to marry me all those years ago, why are you so surprised that no one else did either????
"Ah, thanks very much"

We chatted for another few minutes and then it was time to rush to back a horse iin the 8.00. As I was going F said,
"For what its worth, I got a tip for the next race. It might be worth a chance.......Hot Friend."

You won't believe it but it came......second! Ah come on! It would have been far too weird if it had actually won! However, having learned from life experiences I had backed it each way.
As I returned to the bookies to collect my diminshed winnings, I suddenly realised

Hey, I may not be a girlfriend/wife/partner but I sure as hell am a Hot Friend!!!

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